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What is CoinRango

Current Version 1.8.1
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What is CoinRango? A transparent and easy to use community driven data aggregator with the goal of making complex data simple, which is what we think this field needs to really achieve mass adoption.


In the blockchain field, data aggregators or data providers are platforms that collect inputs from various blockchains and exchangers to present users with data on trading volume, historical asset prices and market capitalization. Smart investing requires smart data, so data aggregators are doing everything they can to provide users with the best data possible, both from a transparency and data updating perspective.
CoinRango is a blockchain data aggregator and tracking app. Its main role is to collect data for everything related to blockchain, NFTs, markets, cryptocurrency.
CoinRango tracking services can be divided in three category:
Off-chain data (providing market cap, price, volume, supply…).
On-chain data providing transaction per second, finality, block time, number of holders, TVL…).
Analysis (providing multifunction candle chart, technical indicators such as RSI, MA, EMA, Stochastic and more).
• News Aggregator and Sentiment Detector (providing latest news from reliable crypto sources and a native algorithm to detect the overall sentiment of news).
Last but not least, Coinrango is creating an entire marketplace to buy, sell and lend in-platform advertising spaces through NFTs. CoinRango aims to exploit its engagement rate by taking advertising to another level, the Web3 level. Tired of traditional ads and banners we have designed a new method of promoting brands on our platform. The idea is to replace annoying traditional advertising by using NFTs.
These NFTs called “Rango-Pixels” (i.e. small portions of the site of 20*20px used for advertising space) will be sold to investors and advertisers. They will subsequently be made tradable in P2P mode thus making the experience of users and advertisers interactive and using NFTs as true digital property, overtaking their common use as simple JPEG images.
The Coinrango team is an independent team composed by its two co-founders, Greg and Carlos. is not sponsored or financially supported by any third parties. Everything you see on the site has been designed, illustrated, developed, and funded by the two co-founders, with the primary goal of offering an unbiased, free resource for information about the cryptocurrency world.
CoinRango main goal is to create a honest and impartial analysis tool, capable of providing real time and transparent data. The data research is something we care a lot and we spend much of our time reading whitepapers and technical documentations. Despite our great effort it may happen to miss some relevant info, in this case we welcome and encourage any feedback from the community and teams who can easily request editings by clicking the edit button in a coin's / exchange's dashboard.

Our Tech

CoinRango is a full native platform with no third parties frameworks. It's built on top of its CMSwift which is a dedicated Content Management System, designed to offer the best performance in terms of design, speed, safety and customization. CoinRango aims to become the leading platform for the tracking of crypto related assets and a tons of new features (a learn sections, CoinRango API & Widgets, NFT advertising Marketplace, improved Portfolio, on-chain activities, Sentiment determination, etc...) are currently in the pipeline with the goal of making CR the go to place for everything crypto related.

External Data Sources

• Centralized and Decentralized exchanges for price and volume determination
• Blockchains and/or Explorers for supply determination and on-chain stats developer.algorand
• Google/Youtube Api to provide the latest video contents
• Reliable list of Crypto Blogs to provide latest news
• (Fear&Greed Index)
Coinrango Sentiment Algorithm (Sentiment Determination)
• Whitepapers for technical info
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