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🎯 Reinventing Online Ads: From Boring to Brilliant with NFTs and Web3 Tech 💥

Why Rango Pixel?

Rango Pixels is our method of self-financing the platform to maintain CoinRango's independence, ensuring it remains unbiased, incorruptible, and transparent. We have self-funded all aspects of the platform's development and have never used Google Ads or traditional advertising banners, as we find them dull and irritating. We did not want to ask for donations, but we needed to find a way to cover server costs, bills, and other expenses.

To raise funds, we had to get creative, without resorting to releasing a pump-and-dump token or building a scam coin like 90% of projects do. One morning, Carlos and I came up with this idea: creating a new standard to sell on-site advertising space in a unique, crypto-focused manner.

From the outset, our primary goal was to hand over control of the platform to the community in one way or another. So we decided to sell ad spaces on our website differently, by physically selling pixels of our site as NFTs and transferring digital ownership through the blockchain. Then we created a Rango Pixel, which is a 20x20px slot. This size is the smallest we determined could effectively display a logo or a QR code.

Recognizing the speed and security of the Polygon blockchain, we began coding smart contracts and prototyping the marketplace. We aimed to provide users with the ability to buy and sell these NFTs peer2peer or directly on the platform. Additionally, we introduced a lending feature, allowing users to retain ownership of their Rango Pixel while easily lending it to advertisers for a fee and earning a passive income.

In conclusion we made a commendable effort in creating a unique and innovative approach to self-finance our platform. By utilizing blockchain technology and offering a creative advertising solution, we have successfully avoided traditional methods that could have compromised our platform's integrity. Moreover, our focus on community involvement and our commitment to transparency and independence keep CoinRango a standout project in the ever-growing world of cryptocurrency.


Rango Pixel is an innovative NFT-based onsite advertising standard that aims to revolutionize online advertising by providing entertaining and engaging ads that utilize Web3 technology. Rango Pixel transforms website pixels into NFTs, enabling peer-to-peer exchange and interaction. Rango-Pixels are 20x20 pixel slots that can be purchased as NFTs. As a Rango-Pixel owner, users can control their pixels to showcase messages, logos, QR codes, slogans or event posters. Coinrango is building a dedicated NFT marketplace to automatize the process for buying, selling, and lending Rango Pixels. RPXL are showcased in a 1400x300 area atop the coinrango’s homepage. Rango-Pixels provide superior exposure and for-life ownership, and given their nature of advertising spaces, their value can increase as the platform’s user base grows. Speculation is inevitable in a new techology such as NFT and Blcokchain but the main power of rango-pixels is their nature of new advertising standard. Users should buy RPXL not excpecting a financial return but to be able to display their brand to a vast crypto audience. Rango Pixels represent an innovative new model of online advertising that utilizes blockchain technology and NFTs to transform digital ads from boring and irrelevant to captivating and engaging.

Why businesses should prefer Rango Pixel to traditional banner for their on-site advertising?

Firstly, unlike traditional online ads where businesses rent temporary space, Rango Pixels offer permanent ownership and control of an ad space. This means that as long as CoinRango remains online, the Rango Pixel will be visible on its homepage. This provides businesses with greater flexibility and control over their ads, including the ability to choose specific time slots to target their desired audiences. With permanent ownership, businesses can establish long-term brand awareness and loyalty. In this way Rango Pixels can be considered as a true digital real estate.

Secondly, Rango-Pixels offer dual value: ad space and exclusivity. As our platform’s user base grows, your pixel’s exclusivity also increases! You can trade or lend your NFT on-site or through peer-to-peer transactions.

Thirdly, Rango Pixels provide a new channel for customer engagement and interaction. Since businesses have complete control over their pixels, they can use them to actively engage with customers by displaying interactive and real-time messages, contests, special offers, and promotions. This can help foster new customer relationships and build brand loyalty in a creative manner.

Furthermore, Rango Pixels represent an exciting new frontier of digital marketing powered by blockchain technology. Businesses that embrace innovative technologies early on are often perceived as forward-thinking leaders in their industry. Investing in Rango Pixels allows businesses to demonstrate that they are at the forefront of digital advertising and capable of leveraging new opportunities presented by blockchain. This can enhance a brand's reputation as a pioneer and technologically adept.

Lastly, but not least, we envision Rango Pixel to become an online advertising standard. Therefore, we are developing this technology to be applicable to other websites as well. We will provide API integration to enable other platforms to set up their own Rango Pixel, offering the opportunity to directly trade them using our pixel marketplace.

(**although the Rango Pixel appreciation is not guaranteed it's highly likely to happen, given how advertising works: But again business should invest in RPXL not for their speculative value but rather to enhance their brand reputation by displaying custom logo or ads to a full and interested crypto audience).

RISK to invest in Rango Pixel:

While Rango Pixels may be a riskier investment than traditional online ads given the nascency of the platform and the nature of blockchain technology, they offer significant opportunities for businesses looking to own and control their advertising, reach new customers in engaging ways, and establish themselves as leaders in the blockchain space. Rango Pixels point to a future of digital marketing that is creative, customized, and powered by NFTs and blockchain technology. Businesses that get on board early with this revolutionary model stand to gain competitive advantage and reap substantial rewards.

Rango Pixel: How it works

We all know the struggle: Traditional Ads are often dull, irrelevant, and sometimes even detrimental to a site’s user experience. But what if ads could be not just tolerable, but genuinely entertaining and engaging?

We revolutionized online advertising by blending innovation with Web3 technology. We set out to harness the power of blockchain to transform our site’s pixels into NFTs, enabling peer-to-peer exchange and interaction.

Get ready for 10,080,000 pixels of pure excitement! Our site will offer 25,200 RPXL (RPXL stands for Rango-Pixels, a RPXL is a 20x20 pixel slot) as NFTs for sale, with the first batch in pre-sale starting at just $0.10 per pixel (40$/RPXL), payable in fiat or cryptocurrencies. That’s a minimum order of $40.

As a Rango-Pixel owner, you’ll have exclusive control over your pixels, using them to showcase messages, logos, QR codes, slogans, or event posters (subject to CoinRango’s terms & conditions). But that’s not all! As the platform’s user base expands, your Rango-Pixels will be exposed to a broader audience, naturally increasing their popularity. That’s why we’re creating a dedicated NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and lending Rango-pixels. In our vision, we aim to establish Rango Pixel as a genuine on-site advertising standard, far surpassing coinrango.com. We are developing this technology with the intent of enabling its integration on every website through our powerful API. Once this is accomplished, every business owner will have the ability to implement RPXL on their website, harnessing the strength of our NFT marketplace to directly sell on-site advertisements.

Say goodbye to mundane ads and hello to a groundbreaking advertising experience that’s both captivating and Web3-ready!

What happens to Coinrango Advertising Income Once all RPXL have been Sold?

As soon as all 25,200 RPXL are sold, CoinRango will shift gears from ad revenue to earning a 1.5% commission on each future Pixel transaction (resales or rentals) on our marketplace. The revenue will be used to pay for RPXL maintenance, customer support, content review and server optimization.

Our premium pixels are showcased in a 1400x300 area atop our homepage, with a total of 420,000 pixels multiplied by daily time slots (420,000 x 24hrs). You can buy or rent pixels based on hourly slots, ensuring permanent ownership and daily use within that time frame. In this way you can tailor your pixel purchases to reach specific niches or geographic locations, and keep control of your space until you decide to sell your digital asset.

Once again it's worth to mention that a RPXL owner will have the full ownership of the RPXL NFT and advertising space for-life AKA until our platform remains online. For more info please visit the terms&condition of RPXL.

**Pixel Distribution to Community: (4% to be airdropped to Early Users and Supporters)

Given our core principles of rewarding community, we planned to Airdrop 1000 RPXL (400.000 px of our site) out of a total supply of 25.200 RPXL to the first 1000 registered users on our platform. Registrations have been timestamped and eligible users can see a badge on their personal profile. Users registered after the 1000 are going to be placed in a waiting list. Eligibility Procedure:

In order to remain eligible and maintain their Rango for Airdrop, first 1000 registered users must accomplish what we like to call a "proof of Support". We believe that active adoption is the key to building a strong community and supporting our development efforts. Given the relevance of our Rango-Pixel and given the fact that owning a RPXL would equal to owning a piece of Coinrango's platform, we deeply understand the importance of avoiding spam accounts, duplicate accounts, bots, or fakes, and requesting a proof of Support is our way of identifying and rewarding users who sincerely support our project. The airdrop is a free tool to reward our community, and we ask for nothing in return. We are an independent team working 24/7 to make this platform as comprehensive as possible, and our only goal is to provide a useful and FREE tool to everyone to become more aware of the world of cryptocurrencies. We do not ask for any specific task or cumbersome procedure to assess eligibility for the airdrop, as larger projects often do. We only need to evaluate whether the platform is being supported or not to easily identify fake accounts, bots, and spam and be aware of airdropping our tokens to truly active users supporting our vision and our project.

For the reasons stated above, just registering an account is not enough to maintain eligibility for the airdrop. As a second step, we need a Proof of Support (PoSu).

Users who do not accomplish the PoSu will lose eligibility for the airdrop. This policy is in place to ensure that our tokens are distributed to real and more active users who are truly committed to supporting our project. Each user can check their eligibility status on their personal task page.

After the first 1000 registered users, other users who register will be added to a waiting list. If any of the first 1000 registered users become ineligible for the airdrop, their place will be given to the next user on the waiting list. This seems to us a fair and democratic way to grow and reward the most active community.

It is important for us to emphasize that in our plans, Rango-Pixel will have an extremely limited supply, which will guarantee holders exclusivity even in the long term, besides owning a real piece of the website.

We understand that users are eager to know more details about our project and future developments. However, we are committed to ensuring that every decision we make is in the best interest of the community we're building. We are working with industry experts to develop a solid and sustainable strategy for our NFTs, our marketplace, and much more, and to continue to innovate the platform, making it the most exciting and attractive in the web3 field.

Thank you for your continued support and for choosing our platform as your home to study and analyze the new trends in this fantastic world.

Under Development: More info to be disclosed soon

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