Designed to provide you with every info about your favourite project.

Good to know: Have you ever wondered how many transactions per second can a coin handle, what is its time to finality, block size, block time? Or what is called its consensus model? Well mate, we spent days researching it all for you! Find every info you need on our dedicated dashboards.

Coin Dashboard

This is the internal dashboard for coins, here you can find all the information available about that project, from off-chain to on-chain analysis.

Overview: The overview contains price and native candle chart to monitor fluctuations, a coin description, links to external sources, and a list of the most trusted wallets to store that coin. Moreover here you can find all the technicals we researched about the coin, from TPS to TTF to consensus name, privacy algorithm, block time, programming languages, etc...

Markets: here you can find the top markets the coin is listed on.

Latest Video: here you can find a selection of the latest video on youtube about that coin.

Latest News: here you can find a selection of the latest news about that coin.

Social Media: here you can find a preview of the latest tweet, the latest announcements and a list of the top influencers.

Ecosystem: Coming Soon.

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Exchanger Dashboard

This is our dashboard for exchangers. You can find all the main information you need about a exchanger, such as 24hr volume, number of coins, pairs, fiat currency available, where it is located and many more.

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Wallet Dashboard

Work in Progress

Under development.

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