Whatever you need about crypto, we rank it.

Good to know: Using a ranking methodology can help you better manage your project portfolio thanks to a selection of the most valuable, worthy and impactful projects which an organization needs to get focused on.

Coin Ranking

Cryptocurrencies are ranked by market cap. Market cap is calculated by multiplying a coin's circulating supply x its market price.

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Exchanger Ranking

Exchangers are ranked by spot market total daily volume.

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Developer's Activity Ranking

Work in Progress

Ranking for most relevant projects by developers activity on GitHub.

• number of developers,

• last update on github,

• chart of working activity,

• number of programming languages

Sentiment Ranking

Sentiment is calculated by collecting and merging data provided by reliable crypto sources, our in-platform sentiment widget, social media tags and google trends.

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Blockchain Ranking

At the moment this is a static ranking showing statistics as the max number of tps or confirmation time displayed in whitepapers. We're working to make it real time though, cause Real world performance especially under heavy network load can be extremely lower. Same for finality and energy consumption.

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Wallet Ranking

Work in Progress

This ranking is based on wallets with the bigger number of active addresses.

DeFi Value Locked Ranking

Work in Progress

TVL aggregator ranking for DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Ranking by Social Media Community

Work in Progress

Under Development

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