Coins are all the cryptocurrencies listed with us, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and thousands more. Do you miss a particular coin you’d like to see in the API? Submit it via our listing form

Available Endpoints

GET /api/v1/coins

Returns a list of all supported coins.

Request parameters:

  • None

Example response:

cssCopy code[    {        "id": "BTC",        "name": "Bitcoin",        "symbol": "BTC"    },    {        "id": "ETH",        "name": "Ethereum",        "symbol": "ETH"    }]

GET /api/v1/coins/{id}

Returns data for a specific coin, including price, volume, OHLC data, supply, available markets, and technical data.

Request parameters:

  • id: the ID of the coin to retrieve data for (e.g. BTC for Bitcoin, ETH for Ethereum)

Example request:

bashCopy codeGET /api/v1/coins/BTC

Example response:

jsonCopy code{
    "id": "BTC",
    "name": "Bitcoin",
    "symbol": "BTC",
    "price_usd": 50128.53,
    "volume_usd": 12503.45,
    "market_cap_usd": 936876.12,
    "ohlc_data": {
        "open": 48217.1,
        "high": 50765.32,
        "low": 48217.1,
        "close": 50128.53
    "supply": 18764525.0,
    "available_markets": [
    "technical_data": {
        "rsi": 74.23,
        "macd": 122.45,
        "ema": 52221,
        "sma": 49019,
        "wma": 51928,
        "ma": 47029,
     "latest_news": {
    "longvsshort_positions": {
     "binance": 64% long,
        "kucoin": 54% long,
        "bybit": 58% long,
        "bitfinex": 51% short,
        "mexc": 53% short,
        "gateio": 51% long,

This is an overview of how our will look like, consider API docs are still under development

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